Fertility Doll, Northern Nguni - South East Africa

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Northern Nguni Fertility Doll.  Origin: South East Africa. Specifications: H25 x W19 x D21 cm. Medium: Timber Carving, stringing & beadwork.


Most of what is known about ancient Nguni history comes from oral history and legends. Traditionally, they are said to have migrated to Africa's Great Lakes region from the north.  Some groups split off and settled along the way, while others kept going. Thus, the following settlement pattern formed: the southern Ndebele in the north, the Swazi in the north east, the Zulu towards the east and the Xhosa in the south. Owing to the fact that these people had a common origin, their languages and cultures show marked similarities.





Southern African Tribal Art, African Origins, Online Tribal Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.