Dinka Neck Rest - South Sudan

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Specifications: Dinka Head Rest Origin: South Sudan. Specifications: 34 x 6 x 18 cm  Provenance: Provenance: Arthur Rudner Collection, Cape Town (1950's) then Michel Fachau 'Profiles of Africa Collection, Cape Town then Private Collection, Melbourne.



The Dinka are a pastoral-agricultural people that make up the largest ethnic group in South Sudan They vary their lifestyle by season – in the rainy season they live in permanent savannah settlements and raise grain crops like millet, while in the dry season they herd cattle along rivers throughout their region. Their lives are very closely intertwined with those of their cattle – at their coming of age ceremony, young Dinka men are given an ox, and that ox’s name becomes a part of their own name. As it grows, they also shape their ox’s long horns into different forms.



Tribal Art from the Horn of Africa, African Origins, Tribal Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.